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AI Ethicon

AI solutions are now ubiquitous and transforming our society at an unprecedented rate. With numerous examples of the unethical use of AI, the need for a better understanding of the ethical issues and uses of these technologies is more pressing than ever. This is why we launched the HCAIM project. Its aim is to develop and deliver a Master's degree program in AI with a human-centered focus, i.e. paying special attention to legal, ethical, sociological and other social science aspects.

AI Ethicon, a hybrid (telepresence and in-person) event organised by the HCAIM project, aims to raise the awareness of computer engineering and other engineering students about the problems arising from the widespread use of AI and the importance of keeping ethical, legal and other human aspects in mind.

The first AI Ethicon was held in June 2022, the second one will be held in April 2023.