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MSc, BME, since 2023

Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence Master's at BME VIK since 2023

For students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (VIK), Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Hungary

Because of their training programme and current sample curriculum, students of Computer Engineering Master’s majoring in data science and artificial intelligence, software development or visual informatics, or minoring in user experience – UX and interactions are in a special position as they can fulfil all or most HCAIM-requirements (60 ECTS credits) by the subjects of their specialization. The attached table shows which subjects in the cur­riculum, valid from 2023 onwards, entitle students in these specializations to the HCAIM Diploma Supplement.

Interested in the HCAI Master's, would you like to apply? Then fill in the registration form in Hungarian at (you need a BME Sharepoint / Directory account)! Completing the form does not imply any obligation or count as an application for participation in the Master's programme. Those who fill in the form will be added to an MS Teams group and will be regularly informed about the latest developments on the Master's programme and the HCAIM project developments that might concern them.

Budapest, February 20, 2023 (last modified: Febr. 2, 2024)

Course matching table (pdf, 2024-02-02)

HCAIM Diploma Thesis Guidelines (draft, pdf, 2022-09-07)

Self-assessment for Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence (AI) Master's (pdf, 2023-11-29)