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Webinar 1: Make AI Trustworthy (Oct. 7, 2021)

In this webinar, Tarry Singh (CEO, deepkapha AI Lab & Real AI B.V.) was speaking with Dr. Stefan Leijnen (professor at the research group Artificial Intelligence at HU of Applied Sciences, Utrecht) on the topics of trustworthy AI, the human debt of AI, and how we could steer a safe passage for our society and businesses by empowering professionals to build technologically superior yet responsible AI.

Last but not least, they tried to tell you more about how our project came to existence. This project, namely HCAIM is an initiative dedicated to creating a human-centered AI Master's program aiming to support the ethical adoption of AI by training highly skilled graduates with deep knowledge in artificial intelligence, combined with strong and human-centered approaches to its application, adoption, and development.

Watch our webinar to learn more on LinkedIn, or YouTube.