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Webinar 2: Ethics and Technology – Can It Work? (Oct. 21, 2021)

In this webinar, Tarry Singh (CEO, deepkapha AI Lab & Real AI B.V.) was speaking with two eminent academics from the University of Naples Federico II, namely Prof. Carlo Sansone who is full professor at Computer Science and Engineering, and Prof. Guglielmo Tamburrini, who is full professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology.

AI is a broad, multi-disciplinary field of study, encompassing engineering, mathematics, computer science, and now – societal awareness. The speakers and moderator discussed technological advancements of AI – but more particularly the topic of ethics and information technology, especially in the context of the emergence of AI. Can they work in harmony with each other?

The topics discussed were the following:

  1. How can we go about explaining the need for trustworthy, ethical, and technically robust AI to a person outside the field of technology?
  2. How would you explain it to a person, currently engaged in the development of AI-based solutions?
  3. Can ethics and AI work together? It is a common argument that standardization of ethical AI will impede innovation. After all we all are in favor of technological innovation but how to do it in the most reliable and sustainable way?
  4. How do we intend to tackle this challenge in the context of this AI Masters program? How do we intend to teach professionals to be more informed about these issues?
  5. What are the top societal competences for an Artificial Intelligence Professional?

Watch our webinar to learn more on LinkedIn, or YouTube.